MD5 checksum

Generate MD5 Checksum on a single file
md5sum filename
Generate MD5 Checksum on multiple files
md5sum filename1 filename2 filename3
Generate MD5 Checksum and ouptut to file
md5sum filename > md5.txt
Compare MD5 Checkum output file to current file in directory
md5sum -c md5.txt


I’ve started using inadyn to be able to access my home server using a DNS name, as I only have a dynamic IP address

This is not a problem, but I made life more complicated, as I wanted to use my own domain. Luckily my DNS provider offered a solution which worked fine, BUT I’m about to set up a plesk installation at the moment, and planning to move all my domains to this server, so needed a solution, which allows me to update the IP address in plesk

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SVN backup

After a long period I’ve decided to start posting things here again

This time, they will be only small probably useful scripts, which you can use the same way I do

At the moment I’m moving to a new dedicated server, and want to ensure that my backup procedures are up running and work as I would expect them

A few months ago I’ve exploded my svn repository from a single one to one per project, so I had to create a script which back them all up

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